August 30, 2011

Something pours.....

in the garden.
Before......last summer
A ditch turned deeper and deeper
and became a playground for grown up males
 The lawn had an extra layer of soil
a serious amount of loads wheeled out.
 A tidy pond needs daily cleaning....a butterfly net works excellent!
 Entwined in ivy and freshly cracked slate
Perhaps a place for some mallards to grow a pair.
I love these ones....take a look at Marieberg, a most charming place!


August 21, 2011

Pull me a light.....outdoors!

At last I had them exchanged for these
A special order of 5 units
 Handmade in the Netherlands
 Made out of copper and weathers beautifully in my garden

 Pretty in the dark,

P.s Scroll down if you'd like to see the old lighting.