September 07, 2013

Split gateway......

going downstairs.
I believe you dear readers know by now, that I'm a slow doer.
Still my determination is just as strong as this iron gate! 
My truly beloved french antique find, bought many years ago,
 has finally been tranformed and split into two shutters
for the stairs leading up/down to my workshop.
I'm so fortunate to have the most wonderful and skilful blacksmith in
my team of craftsmen, we've been working together for a couple of days,
trying to figure out the best way to do this.
 Made-to-measure doesn't come prefabricated!
He's put his heart into this wicked idea of mine and
 I'm so grateful for his brilliant solutions!!!
My perservering plans are in progress, the next will be 
some work in reinforced concrete.
It's September and normally the beginning of fall should be 
crispy and chilly but the weather is absolutely gorgeous here 
in Stockholm,  the breeze is warm and the sky is bluer than blue!



Antique Homes and Lifestyle said...

Wonderfully creative use for a gate! Like you, it takes me awhile to get things done but it's always worth the wait. Enjoy!

Lusthuset said...

Hej Roligt att höra från er båda två. Så härligt att Kletus en så pigg herre. Något eget husdjur har jag tyvärr inte men har nära (verkligen nära) kontakt med en ung foxterriergosse som heter Måns (ja faktiskt). Det är han som är på ett par av småbilderna i min blogg. Han är helt underbar det gäller bara att göra klart för honom vem som bestämmer här. Här har hösten kommit med den första nattfrosten i går. Trist och härligt på en gång. Ha det nu bra så hörs vi. Kram!!

Renae Moore said...

An absolutely beautiful gate Ingela!
I am sure you are looking forward to son being home from university! Blessings to you for a wonderful holiday season!

Renae Moore said...

Hey Sweet Girl,
You've been away from blogging almost as long as I was (I just came back). I hope all is well! xo