January 30, 2011

Pulling my curtains....

Trötta ögon och ännu tröttare fötter.
Coming home after an intense journey not only with tired feet and  
heavy luggage, but also with some sleep deprivation and a lump in my throat,
I'm rather grateful being given the weekend free to curl up in my bed to try 
and catch up with the 9 hrs time difference before the workshop requires
my full attention by Monday. Jet lag has never been my cup of tea.
Rolls with fabric by Colefax & Fowler have been prepared during my journey, some of the 
benefits with today's high technology makes it a little easier to survey 
the progress of the business work, online with Skype and e-mail while traveling.
Checking in on the upholsterer for approval.....the little antique sofa came out just like the way we agreed upon...gilded late Gustavian style, now has new silk fabric from the manufacturer 
Lelievre in Paris. Can't wait to see what the stools will look like! Click the name and browse their site.
Chandeliers have been cleaned before hung........but for now,
I'm pulling my bedroom curtains for some rest.
I want to make an early start tomorrow morning using Skype again,
this time to talk to my son before he's off to bed in his new home town.

Jag kommer nog att behöva vänja mig med 9 timmars tidsskillnad i ett par år,
tack o lov för dagens teknik med snabb o enkel kontaktmöjlighet. Fast lika
hjärtsnupet blir det i alla fall, om inte oftare......hur ska detta gå!


January 14, 2011

A checklist......

soon to be completed.
Djurens sinnen går aldrig att ta fel på....
Vi är noga övervakade i våra förberedelser inför avfärd!
Resväskor och pass har alltid varit anledning till oråd.
Denna gång inkluderar resan flyttlådor och matte har
 ett plåster bredvid sig i logistikens kedja dessa dagar.

Countdown for takeoff........✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈.....where to?

Staden med den karakteristiska dimman, den stora studentstaden....
Staden med spännande antik och loppmarknader.


Mother and son are making
final preparations and ticking their lists of what to do's
before closing the bags and boxes before take-off.

Traveling and living abroad as a youngster is a humble 
opportunity, being granted for international studies is
an experience that broadens the vision of multicultural
acceptance and approach.
This time I'll be leaving a very big piece of my heart
behind when heading back home again, my youngest son.
Now I know what my mum felt like when she once 
left me behind decades ago.

Though we will have great fun 
 getting organized on the hills of San Francisco.
Someone is not approving to this at all.....guess who??
I'm being examined by the minute trying to run the logistics.
I guess Hubby will be number one on top of the chart when
I get back home again in a couple of weeks.

Xo, from a brave but proud Mom, letting go of that cord, 
thousands of miles away from home.

January 06, 2011

Play it again, S.......

 on a snowy day, worst ever this year!
Even a painted lady becomes alive when the candlesticks are lit...
on this late afternoon.

A diverse mix with gems of various memories rest on top 
while playing a song on the piano, taking advantage of
some extra time caused by the bad weather.

I hope you are all well out there!

❤Ia ❤