February 26, 2012

No kidding....

the famous Nordic daylight
is back......
Today, on a sunny Sunday morning at 10 am, Feb 26th
It's rather hurting one's eyes 
Today it feels like the we're at open air,
no camera in the world will do justice to this brightness!!

February 14, 2012

By heart...

ty just nu idag 
så köpte han
en liten ros i en blomsteraffär
En ros röd som blod så att jag förstod 
att det är mig som han håller kär.

Valentines dinner for two,
now cooking!

February 04, 2012

Perfect day for a spa....

     Hairdresser   ✂  
   Workout session  
     Facial treatment  ✓ 
The Polar icy winter hit us a couple of days ago, a little late this year!

and I'm truly grateful for some nice hot water and a tub.
The antigue towel bar needed an extra piece of mold, 
shaped as an identical copy, to fit onto the side of the tub.
Tricky slippery little thing working that saw!!