May 31, 2011

One happy windowsill.....

it was always meant to be!
From the very first sight
The cut off top of this antique candlestick holder has no foot
and has been integrated into the windowsill.
Even at late summer evening dinners,
the dark finally falls for some short couple of hours.
Standing strong!


May 25, 2011

Kitchen clean up......

vad gör man inte för efterlängtade söner, som kommer hem på besök över sommaren
och som ber om att få laga mat ordentligt. Städar hans rum???
Jag röjer kök och polerar pots and pans....
Målarburken hänger med på ett hörn...alltid
One Demanding Supervisor
Chef de la cuisine Jr is returning home for the summer in a couple of days and
I'm having a serious cleansing of the kitchen.
Preparing for a welcome home dinner......means checking on the cutlery, pots and pans.
Liquor inventory...perhaps not necessary but just in case anyone wants an avec
to go with the coffee after dinner.
Matte...Hur är det nu i den där kastrullen???
Aaahhh!!!! Boiled to be mine!!    Of course it is, darling...
I guess the seats will be occupied with friends and family this summer.
 A full house again......and long nights.
The top remaining from the antique candleholder has finally 
been mounted into the windowsill!

❤ Ia ❤

Folding some napkins

May 22, 2011

Spring reward....

I've been keeping my fingers crossed the last couple of weeks.
Nature is surprisingly rewarding.
The buds opened up slowly a few days ago.
This is the start of the season of my rhododendrons,
this pinky one named "Elegans", has been with me for 25 years
and has never ceased to surprise me.
Even after the hard winter and some scaffolds with ladders leaning 
against them, not to forget all the roofing construction junk on top of them,
 they chose to burst into blossom prettier than ever before.

❤ Ia ❤

May 14, 2011

Between the bird cherry and the lilacs......

is a well known phrase at spring here in Sweden
and is pretty much just about to happen.
An intense and short time when fragrances are exploding in the air.

So, I never cease to try and get the picture why the finals of the
World championship in hockey are taking place at this time of the year.
Sweden has made it to the final game this year, playing against Finland
and I've been clearly advised that the big tv-screen is booked on
 Sunday at 08 pm.....and it's not negotiable!

Now, being a woman and ahead of schedules I could also foresee
a source of irritation to occur Sunday at 08 pm.
The daylight is getting longer by the day now and will most likely be 
blocking that screen. This is of course one spectacular occasion for
 negotiations that would render in little or no objection...
so playing my cards well...
one screwdriver and 10 minutes later, the old shutters are finally 
integrated into the bay window, serving their purpose for the
coming final!

May the best team win......