May 14, 2011

Between the bird cherry and the lilacs......

is a well known phrase at spring here in Sweden
and is pretty much just about to happen.
An intense and short time when fragrances are exploding in the air.

So, I never cease to try and get the picture why the finals of the
World championship in hockey are taking place at this time of the year.
Sweden has made it to the final game this year, playing against Finland
and I've been clearly advised that the big tv-screen is booked on
 Sunday at 08 pm.....and it's not negotiable!

Now, being a woman and ahead of schedules I could also foresee
a source of irritation to occur Sunday at 08 pm.
The daylight is getting longer by the day now and will most likely be 
blocking that screen. This is of course one spectacular occasion for
 negotiations that would render in little or no objection...
so playing my cards well...
one screwdriver and 10 minutes later, the old shutters are finally 
integrated into the bay window, serving their purpose for the
coming final!

May the best team win......


Renae Moore said...

Hey Girle!

I am loving your arm chair! Is your son coming home for summer? I know if he is you are anxious!
Happy weekend! Are you on Facebook?


Anci said...

Det är ett underbart ljus i dina bilder !


Norrfrids Eija said...

Här lär vi sitta bänkade framför matchen på söndag - Sverige mot Finland är ju olidligt spännande! Du kan säkert gissa vem jag hejar på...

Lusthuset said...

Ja, man måste verkligen fånga tilfället i flykten......synd bara att de (Sverige alltså)gick "på pumpen" som man sä något gott hade det väl med sig hoppas jag. Ha en skön vecka....och krama Kletus från mig (för det är tomt efter Simpson). Kram!!