December 17, 2012

High five....

to myself for getting done in time, so far.
The drawers are ready, with knobs and handles.
Three thin coats of linseed oil in pale grey.
I've trigged the camera to go for the little daylight that was left,
therefore I'm out of sharpness in these pictures.
But still for the fun of it and to remember the utter chaos
in the kitchen pretty much one year ago.
This Christmas the kitchen is almost ready, the tricky part has been
to find a similar piece of marble for the counter tops that matches with 
the old existing one .... I'm not there yet but it can wait!
 So here I am, having my coffee break before dealing with
another chaos. It's downstairs in the basement.
I'm finally having my office set up again!
Warm thanks to you readers 

December 15, 2012

Red and white

I'm not really that into Christmas reds,
still this Amaryllis is a fav and a tradition among others.
It's hard to find this deep red one and this year I was lucky 
to have one early in the season. It's about to come into flower and will
probably be over before Christmas. I do hope to find a new one this week.
 Yesterday the house was dressed for festivities with friends and family. 
The little silver ornaments were hung in thin metal wires.
 Today we're slowly cleaning up the house......starting all over in a couple of days!
Happy 3rd advent

December 08, 2012

Till slut.....

                       så gjorde de sig till känna, våra små vättar!
I år hade vi förlagt dem i all renovering och det blev stor
uppståndelse ju mer advent närmade sig.
 Första advent kom och gick, vi kliade oss i huvudet och
lyfte på en det ena och det andra för att se var sommarvistelsen
behagat sig vara detta år. Vinden fick sig en genomgång...tomhänta kom vi ned!
 Man ändrar inte så enkelt på traditioner. Kökssoffan har ju
flyttat ut på glasverandan (efter 27 år) och med dem alla våra tomtar så klart.
Under sofflocket låg de som vanligt fint inlindade i sina filtar.
Så upp o hoppa.... Ingen jul utan vättar & väsen i vårt hus ❤

December 02, 2012

Never alone......

this is the first sunday of advent '12
and today I was lucky
there was time for a late breakfast together having 
some saffron bread with the second cup of coffee
and there was time together to fix some of the heavy arrangements
that come with the traditions of welcoming December here in Sweden.
But as very often in a big family working in the air industry,
check-in and take-off were calling upon my husband
 and he picked up his bags and left for the airport.
Still I'm never alone as long as we have Kletus, the most charming company 
who loves to do things with all of us in the family. 
 I had to be fast taking his picture this morning, 
he's eagerly waiting for me to start on the Christmas ornaments.

This year I had tiny silver ones for the little tree on the new 
sun porch that will also be the first year with this arrangement.
 We'll be back once we're done having silver threads put on for
hanging the decor to the little tree.
This Christmas it looks like we're all going to be together,
family members are joining in, some not traveling,some off duty 
and some coming home from around the world.