December 17, 2012

High five....

to myself for getting done in time, so far.
The drawers are ready, with knobs and handles.
Three thin coats of linseed oil in pale grey.
I've trigged the camera to go for the little daylight that was left,
therefore I'm out of sharpness in these pictures.
But still for the fun of it and to remember the utter chaos
in the kitchen pretty much one year ago.
This Christmas the kitchen is almost ready, the tricky part has been
to find a similar piece of marble for the counter tops that matches with 
the old existing one .... I'm not there yet but it can wait!
 So here I am, having my coffee break before dealing with
another chaos. It's downstairs in the basement.
I'm finally having my office set up again!
Warm thanks to you readers 


A Perfect Gray said...

amazingly beautiful and such a treat to see. I know you are enjoying it so much...donna

NanaDiana said...

I just chanced upon your blog and absolutely love it. I am not posting for a day or two due to the tragedy in Sandy Hook but I will be back to visit on a regular basis. Come visit me sometime-I will usually leave you with a smile-although not in the last few days- Blessings- Diana

ps. I think you are a new blogger? Please consider taking off the double word verification. A lot of bloggers will NOT leave you a comment if you have it in place. If you don't know how to take it off leave me a message and I can email you the instructions!;>)

Renae Moore said...

I don't know how I missed that you were doing a kitchen renovation! It is beautiful of course!
Merry Christmas to you sweet friend!

Lusthuset said...

God Jul till dig och lille Kletus. Jag tänker iband på honom. Gulle! Kram från Lena i Skåne.

Liisi said...

This blog is wonderful! I totally love the kitchen, it's perfect in every way. :)
Have a blessed new year! :)

Kris-design said...

Love your kitchen :)

Modern Country said...

Det ser fantastisk ut Ingela !!! Jeg elsker kjøkkenet ditt !! Vakre skap, benk og fine dekorasjoner og detaljer. Ja alt er bare toppen. Drømmekjøkken helt enkelt. For en som elsker å koke er drømmene store, selv kikker jeg ofte i bøker og på nett. Planlegger allerede hvordan alt skal se ut i neste hus. Du må jo være der mesteparten av tiden når du ikke jobber ?? :)) Trivelig sted.

Undrer hva slags kaffemaskin du har, den profesjonell ut. Kanskje du kan anbefale en god vattenkokare også ?? Sitter her og surfer på nett men ikke lett å ta en avgjørelse i det store utvalget, som både ser estetisk fin ut og som kan vare en stund også.

Håper du har hatt en trivelig Julefeiring, ønsker deg alt godt i det nye året også. Håper kreativiteten vil flomme.

God klem ~ Aina

CallMeT said...

Beautiful kitchen! Where did you get those lights???

Eleonora Boiserie & C. said...

This kitchen is wonderful and I am very happy to find your nice blog! Complimenti Bravissima Ciao