January 04, 2013

Time flies....

into 2013 and on and on and on.....❤
A year goes by so fast and so many things happen ❤
There are also changes in a life.....my dear father in law
 passed away and we had a beautiful memorial service 
at the beginning of June, when the spring was at full bloom.
His old family Mora clock, dated 1839 moved into our home 
and is now an important memory of GrandPa to our family. 
 The shape of these old clock cases are usually significative
 for different provinces in Sweden and very often the clock
 machinery was made separately by a fine artisan of watches.
 A trained eye can derive it's origin by the shape of the case.
You may also get some help from reading the signature
of the clock and the other one inside the case,
 hopefully the history tells us the rest.
Yes, we did start scraping off the white coat of paint to reach to the
 greyish/green layer of the original late Gustavian linseed oil with a razor
 blade. I soon realized it would take me an eternity which I don't have right 
now, so I rest that case until another time. Unfortunately many of these clocks 
have had white paint and some golden lines as it became à la mode in 1910.
What a big mistake!!

Happy 2013


NanaDiana said...

Wow-what a beautiful piece you inherited there. It is just a gorgeous old Mora clock. It is a shame it was painted but it is still beautiful- xo Diana

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Dear Ingela-

Happy New Year.

I love your new kitchen.

I admire the way you bring so much light and sparkle into your interiors--in the most charming and unexpected manner. I see the snow outside your window and the bare branches, and can only imagine it is mostly cold and mostly dark. Your light and airy decor, the swirl of silver baroque candlesticks, the reflections, the window lights, the glass-front cabinets and your candles and light touch all give the room a winter delight. Your remodel and redesign are spectacular and exciting.
Bravo to you. A lot of time, a lot of work, a lot of craftsmanship, a lot of, as you say, 'devotion'.
very best, DIANE