August 24, 2012

Bakom lås o bom!!!

Så pass klara att dörrarna nu kan stängas och utvändig
 målning kan ta vid, hela huset luktar av god linolja.
Lite osäkra är vi om de gamla fönsterbladen skall målas,
därför skall den nybyggda stommen få sig en strykning till att
börja med i en mjölkad ljusgrå nyans av egen riven linoljefärg.
 Ett litet nytillverkat vred i patinerad mässing från Sollefteå antik,
för att hålla dörrarna på plats.
 One happy wife and I'm rather sure a very pleased husband,
starting the holiday off with building a cupboard for the kitchen.
 Using a pair of some 150 years old windows, 
constructing all the rest by himself.
I have to keep in mind that he's not a carpenter by profession,
but I'm getting more and more convinced he has a new career 
after retiring from flying the world as a long distance pilot.

I love this new cupboard
and I ❤ my man!

August 13, 2012

Every millimeter of the storage shelves

are filled up with things I couldn't part from after freshening up the kitchen.
The old china by Rörstrand is mainly from 1850-1910.
 The change for new white tiles at least did the trick
and along with the removal of two cupboards,
the light coming in from the bay window is now optimal.
Below you find a picture of the very same wall......before!

Have a great day ❤