March 25, 2011

What's next...

an interior house spring cleaning perhaps?

I don't think so.....most likely not on my future schedule for a while!
The next cleaning after having the décor at the ridges fixed
and the scaffolds dismantled, will be my garden one messy junkyard!
Final layers of linseed oil to be completed as soon as the warm 
season of spring is here.

Ia, filling up a dumpster with junk!

March 13, 2011

The goverment...

is one of my nicknames!
by now also wellknown among the roofers!!!
The tinsmith already knew and  and as team we worked out a 
solution for the ladder to the chimney sweeping.
I liked his idea having a made to measure one folded
into the same level as the roofing tiles.

Ia, one exhausted construction leader ❤