April 17, 2011


everything I do takes a lot longer than I planned for.
Building a new company website is at times beyond my comprehension.
Being a control freak over pictures slows down the progress.
Finally this mix of a customer's embroidered silk drapes and
 my private antique chairs was approved to pass.
Handmade tassels from the Parisian manufacturer 
Declercq Passementiers, since 6 generations.

Professional inspiration when creating a website has been most 
accurate the last couple of weeks and once again I returned
to my sources of books by Charlotte Moss, a truly talented 
american interior designer. 
Her 7th and recently published book just reached the shelves in Sweden,
you can order it easily here.

I'll put it on top of my other six and keep on working the site.
❤ Ia

April 03, 2011

Skype cat....

I thought I should have a small chat with my youngest master, now online.
I'd like to share my latest news with him......
Can someone help me to connect, thank you!
I don't mind the time difference, I'm A cat!!!

Now my young master, I sleep the night in your empty spacious bed
and once in a while I also have a rest in someone elses arms.
I know you're not a blogger and I'm not keen on Facebook,
so Skype is really the thing for me....I can see and hear you're 
doing well. ( still I'm quite sure you sneak in mom's blog once in a while,
so here I am, safe and sound).

Love you dearly,