March 21, 2012

Closed doors

would be nice for a new cupboard in the kitchen.
 Made to measure is my intention for this project
(and a cleaner outlook)
There is a couple of old doors remaining from another one 
So I'm into drawing.....and persuading!!
All for a good cause...less polishing seems to
be a great argument to this one.

❤ Wish me luck ❤

March 03, 2012

Make me pretty

the toolbox is closed for now
the box with paintbrushes just opened up
 time for some serious hours (and days) with putty and linseed oil
Then the marble counter top 
 The returning daylight is merciless, 
but so am I working my spatels and brushes.
My intention is to match the old cupboard in the kitchen,
painted many years ago in a soft greyish tone
 Handles and knobs will also be the same
I will be awarded a home cooked Japenese dinner tonight,
feels like my work today it's worth it

there's a funny combination of aromas
in my kitchen right now!