April 22, 2013

I'm not a pinner...

or how shall I put it...at least not yet!
I was recently told by a reader that my kitchen shelves had become
 a popular pin and even published within an online international 
lifestyle magazine. I didn't have a clue especially since nobody had asked 
for my permission in advance and I was quite sure it had to be the shelves 
from the recent makeover of the kitchen they liked.
 Oh my, was I wrong! It was the old ones that were popular.
So, for a brief moment I was in despair of all that hard work and
 very long time I spent remodeling the kitchen...but then nothing
 comes around quickly when I'm at it. Could I've been so wrong?
 Nevertheless...I said no no, this is what I wanted!
Got the daylight and the airy feeling I was looking for.
A clean and crisp choice, blending my antiques with a slight touch of modern daily life!
Still I can't help but wonder - wouldn't it be polite being asked for permission before 
publishing somebody else's pictures. I don't mind the pinning, but for commercial 
benefits others than it's owner it's really a creepy feeling. I've seen several blogs 
being referred to as from other countries that by it's origin. I guess many using 
Pinterest are really unaware of this problem and YES it may not be a big thing!

I guess I might have comments on this...but I can take it!
Hopefully there will be some good answers too.