June 09, 2011

How to distract

one's eye!
Or to be more correct......how to trick someone not to see what's 
really ugly. An old staircase made out of concrete some 50 years ago,
is bugging me (always has) and by adding a few distracting items
to it, you may bring forward the focus on them instead. 
Meanwhile I'll concentrate on the next project for the house.
How to draw up a sketch for a new exterior facade panelling 
 in collaboration with the architect. We are basically 
using the original drawings from 1910'.

The petals of the rhododendrons are staring to come off!

Pictures taken at 10 pm today, 
the daylight is amazing right now.

❤ Ia ❤

1 comment:

My Notting Hill said...

Great idea. Love the urn and the shape of the wrought iron railing. What a treat that your light is that strong at 10 pm - well deserved after the winter.