June 10, 2012

I found a heart

a picture of a window shutter, I shot of my house one or two years ago.
I already knew by then what was meant to come.
I'm devoted to old houses and recuperating them is a tricky thing.
This is a town house, soon to turn a hundred years old located 
close to Stockholm. The area has a restricted cityplan but many
old houses in the block have been demolished by building
commissioners in favour for modern ones. Such a shame, I think!
This is what my house looks like today, after some two years of
reconstruction, starting with the hat going down.
Some things had to be done and balancing the decisions 
of right and wrong with what is best in a longer perspective
compared to what you really want to do has been 
one exhausting journey but also great fun.
 Lately we have slowly been deciding on which of all the 
old remnants we want to keep for the garden and what to throw away.
Now, there's a full dumpster standing in my courtyard,
ready to be picked up tomorrow morning. 
The french old boîte des fleurs was saved and has changed it's 
position in favour for the new bay window.
Here it is...filled with fresh violet hederaceas. 
They just need to spill themselves over.
We found a new perfect spot for it,
hanging on the newly built sun porch, made
out of old windows and doors to fit.
There is still some decor to finish up and 
then of course layers with linseed oil!

The house still has many happy hearts


Stef@ said...

so Lovely!!!


Renae Moore said...

Your home is just beautiful. It's worth all the work I know! Is your son home for summer?