November 07, 2012

Twilight zone...

The fading daylight is fascinating in many ways and according to my camera
 the house shade of the lime wash paint today looked something of a newborn pig,
instead of the faded white/pinky color I worked so hard on when preparing it
and normally does. The air is pretty humid this time of the year and 
while lime wash breathes the natural pigment changes slightly all the time.
 Just a reflection as I decided to take som pictures late afternoon
and yes we have turned the clocks back for wintertime!
Today at 2pm we began bringing in the bumper harvest of our
winter apples. We are glad the tree survived last year's construction 
chaos as we extended the kitchen with the bay window.
 Seriously I don't know what to do with all the fruit,
so there will be plenty for all the birds that stay the winter.
They just have to watch out for the the little hunter,
who sits put inside by the bay window in order
to make his moves out the cat-flap.


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