March 22, 2013

4,2 m head high

oops...I had not realized I've been out of the blog for that long!
I've been so focused on keeping my head high and above
the water (funny saying!!) with classes in art noveau
and taking care of old and new customers....

It made me realize the other day how much at ease I am
with high ceiling areas. This may be one of the reasons I
 agreed upon having the inner ceiling of our kitchen/dinner area
removed and opened up many years ago, but not until many years 
before that of my husband's harping or his determined plan to get
it his all those corks of champagne that popped for 
the old ceiling every New Year's eve leaving big holes. 
Everything has a reason I later understood.

 Now, I may be the dictator when it comes to the interior decorating
at home, but I shall not take credit for this successful plan of his.
 We have lived in this old house for nearly 30 years and
if I remember correctly the original beams were revealed 
some 12 years ago. A massive job I mostly try not recall.
 This little chap was only a teenager by then
and a most active hunter for magpies, bringing them into the
house as he still does each spring, perhaps a little smaller nowadays!
The final hight sets to 4,20 mtrs, acoustics is great with a built-in
surround linked system, that sometimes drives me crazy 
trying to run it when I'm home alone. Saying this was not my
installation somewhat came with beams...sort of!
Over the years this space has become the natural heart to be in.
The teve is running and of course hubby's making supper,
I saw some raw lobster on the countertop earlier today!

Sweet weekend everyone


Anci said...

Ni har ett helt underbart kök ! Maten måste smaka gott där :)


Elna said...

Vilket vackert hem!


Things and Thoughts said...

Υou have a charming place to live into!

Renae Moore said...

I LOVE open beams and I adore your home!

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

So pretty...loving the kitchen!