August 09, 2013

After summer comes.....

a lot of things to deal with and they all seem 
to be scheduled at the same time.

My holiday is yet not over, but the last
couple of days I've spent in front of
my laptop at my the kitchen table.
Making all sorts of lists and orders, not to miss anything
preparing the plans of what will be happening this coming fall.

Some of the jobs are harder to kick off, like the dining room
with this beautiful ceiling in early Swedish Art Noveau.
   The original paintings with flourishing greens along with the dark wood have sadly been gone for decades! There has been a successful restoration made recently in this building and now
my job starts, taking care of the interior decoration, from top 'til floor. Still I cannot understand
why the center moulding has been left unfinished. I now have to begin to deal with 
this before I even can consider bringing anything else into this dining.

Fortunately I know a very clever artisan working in stucco!
There is nothing better than to watch a good craftsman in action!
The Art Noveau period has many different names over the world,
  in Sweden it's also known as Jugend. 
It shall not be confused with the later Art Deco period.

The Art Noveau style became very popular as well in interior design, 
mainly due it's assymetric forms and lines that automatically bring
 on a fluent harmony to the observer's eye. Also this is a main reason
 why the Swedish Rococo style is still so popular, 250 years later. 

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, it's not really
over yet, even if the vacation is for many of us.
We've had company by Tyra, she likes flies and hunts them down!
I've been watching television very little, except
for the Swedish summer show with Ernst on TV4
and how he transforms an old conservatory/greenhouse
into a modern living with an old touch, not forgetting 
the necessary modern facilites.
I just saw a trailer for next week's show and he will
be making a table with a countertop in copper,
just like the one I did some years ago.
I don't want to miss that, maybe he has some good tricks I don't know of!

Talk to you later!!


toves sammensurium said...

Your home is beautiful,asnd you present it with such nice pictures!!!
Tovehugs :)

Love Your Homes said...

Tack så hjärtligt, Tove!

NanaDiana said...

Just beautiful. I can just picture you sitting at your kitchen table with your laptop. Blessings- xo Diana

Christine Coraccio said...

Your kitchen looks so cozy! Love your Ragdoll kitty. I have three cats and they are such wonderful little friends.