January 13, 2013

All that old silver

and all them old copper are becoming popular again!
I never could get rid of my hoarding....never wanted to!
Still my choice has been of the specific interest 
in shape, color and mostly origin.
I'm like a bloodhound where ever there's antique china and silver from Sweden and France.
Before deciding on a purchase I always try to make a good match with what already is!
I keep several different cupboards with glass fronts in the house,
they serve as mood boards with different kind of gems of
memories by heritage or auction sales.
 This shelf exposes a weakness of mine, with pleasure Ladurée.
The Christmas silvery embellishment is going down today, 
the hearts with the little bells have been a new but appreciated 
little sound this holiday every time this kitchen cupboard
has been opened.

❤  There's a whole life in here ❤

1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

I like your whole life in a cabinet idea. What beautiful treasures you have. Just gorgeous-xo Diana