February 28, 2013

The final touch

always seems to be the hardest...
and this time it has it's double meaning!!
All I need is some marble for countertops to go with the one
that already is (but not shown here)
The thing is I want the marble to have a clean look without to many dark spots of quartz.
We are aware of the extra work the marble will bring on us trying to keep the surface 
somewhat intact, still this is the right choice for keeping the original style of this house, 1916.
Most retailers in the Stockholm area have been short of this marble for some time now,
 so I grounded the project long before Christmas and focused on other things. 

 I tend forget the fast progress that started at the end of July '12.
So now with the fantastic Northern daylight returning rapidly 
and the terrible flue finally sweeping out the door, 
there is no longer any excuse for not bringing myself 
together and visit those ware-houses again in search for the right stone!

Talk to you soon


Anci said...

Och du lyckas väl ! Det är ett kök att drömma om.


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Your kitchen is really lovely. Good luck on finding the right marble.

Renae Moore said...

Oh my goodness...your kitchen is gorgeous...I want it! I'll bet you cook up some wonderful goodies in there! I would so love to share a cup of tea with you!

wynzia said...

Your kitchen is just lovely. I'm so curious about your range vent...it's different from others that I've seen, and I love it! Would you mind sharing the manufacturer of it? Perhaps I could find it over here in the States. Thanks!